Beach holidays are the original relaxation getaway. You really cannot beat a good beach break when it comes to relaxing, enjoying the outdoors and feeling invigorated by the ocean. Whilst there are some truly incredible beaches in all 4 corners of this world, I've put a list together of the destinations that are abundant with incredible beaches just waiting for you to come and visit! HAWAII If Hawaii doesn't come to mind when you think of beach holidays, then you may have been living under a rock and might need medical attention. Oahu, Kauai, The Big Island and Maui alone have a huge abundance of incredibly beautiful beaches and the vibe here is all about that beach lifestyle.


This holiday destination is not a common one, and for good reasons... one of them being isolation. The Seychelles is located way out in the Indian Ocean, a 5 hour flight from Dar Es Salam, Tanzania or Johannesburg, South Africa. It is made up of 115 small islands - most barely touched; ideal for nature lovers and honeymooners. This destination could very well be the epitome of romantic and relaxing destinations in the world.

FIJI A preferred destination of thousands of Aussies who travel here annually as couples, families or groups! Fiji is the perfect beach destination for everyone and quite often, it's easy to find your own private space here. When planning, be sure to include island hopping in your itinerary as this is where the truly beautiful beaches and islands can be found (less than 1.5 hrs from the mainland). With so many resorts to choose from, you can find anything to suit your budget here in Fiji.

CUBA Incredible clear blue waters and soft white sand surround this unique country, and visitors chasing a spacious paradise will not be disappointed. Beaches from Havana to Varadero and Cayo Coco in the north are easily accessible and rarely crowded at all, but the highlight is hands-down Cayo Largo del Sur on a small island in the south accessible by a short flight or catamaran charter. Not only is this destination one of our personal favourites, we think that just about everything about Cuban culture is sure to make your beach break even more memorable, music, dance, vintage cars, all inclusive resorts and of course... the mojitos.

SARDINIA Yes... you did read that right! I said Sardinia! If you're not they typical beach type and the thought of a truly unique beach break gets your water pumping, then let me tell you a little about Sardinia. With almost 2000km of coastline, this unique island in the Mediterranean not only boasts white sand turquoise waters, cliffs and grottos, it's rugged landscape is also abundant with Nuraghi – mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins dating back to 1500 B.C. You may have to do some low-level rock climbing to get around, but with waters like these, wouldn't you want to just pull up a spot under the shade of a grotto and chill until sun set?

MEXICO My expectations of Mexico, let alone it's beaches were not very high the first time I travelled here. But oh how wrong I was. When I first arrived at Playa Del Carmen Beach and Tulum Beach, I was literally rendered silent! Let me tell you now, that doesn't happen much! But the beaches don't stop here on the Caribbean side, beach spots like Sayulita and Cabo San Lucas on the Atlantic side of Mexico are also amazing and surprisingly easy to reach from Australia (shorter than a trip to New York). The culture, history and natural wonders here make this an ideal destination for anyone. Why not, when Corona's on the beach are only $4 AUD*.

PHILIPPINES I'm not even lying when I tell you that the Philippines has some of THE most beautiful paradise island beaches I have ever had the privilege of visiting. Having not even scratched the surface, the Philippines is sure to be a major destination that I will personally return to time and time again. With flights so easily accessible from Australia, less of a communication barrier and the foreign currency exchange rates well in our favour, beach lovers will undoubtedly be able to live and eat well. Food, culture and friendly people will make your stay simply unforgettable.

BRAZIL If your holiday duration permits you to travel further afar and you're seeking a truly exotic and vibrant destination, then you cannot go past Brazil. With incredible coastlines, great culture and lively nightlife, Brazil (namely in the area of Rio de Janeiro) offers some seriously good holiday vibes. From Copa Cabana in Rio, to the beautiful towns of Ihla Grande and Paraty (easily accessible from Rio by bus or car transfer).

MALDIVES If a week long romantic beach break and some of the worlds best diving sounds good to you - you may want to consider the Maldives. Swim in the oceans amongst whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and plenty of marine life. Incredible all-inclusive resorts are in abundance where you will undoubtedly receive top notch hospitality. As home to remote and spectacular sand islands & atols, the Maldives can be one of the more luxe options in our list... though as a paradise on earth - it's worth it. TIP: Try to visit between November & April (outside of monsoon season) and book at least 10 months in advance if you're planning to travel in PEAK season which is December - March.

FLORIDA, USA Surely we've all heard of Miami Beach, South Beach and Florida Keys, but what you may not know is that Florida is home to oh-so-many unique and impressive beaches. Clearwater Beach, Siesta Beach, Naples Beach, Sanibel and Captiva Island are just some of the options you have in this modern destination. As you're only a hop, skip and a jump from the Caribbean, why not take a 3 night cruise, charter or flights to some even more breathtakingly beautiful beaches found in the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos (which honestly, we should have featured here as well but didn't out of fear of the Caribbean taking over this fair and option-plenty post).

THAILAND Definitely one of THE most popular destinations for Aussie travellers is Thailand. Your money is strong here and so are the drinks! Everybody wins! Less than12 hours from Brisbane or Sydney is the idyllic holiday destination of Phuket. Whilst there are many amazing beaches within easy reach of Phuket, we recommend a boat ride or two to some of Thailands most beautiful islands, most are quite untouched. For example, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Similan Islands and Krabi home some of the most spectacular beaches such as Railay Beach, Krabi and Donald Duck Bay, Similan Islands which are quite easily amongst the top 20 beaches in the world.

SPAIN Often overlooked as a beach destination, Spain makes the cut for a number of reasons. Not only are it's sandy beaches slightly more stunning than it's Mediterranean neighbours including the likes of France, Greek Islands and Italy, but the coastlines are magnificently stunning, giving beach-goers a completely different experience from what they might be use to. Of course, Spain is also home to the Balearic Islands which are really popular for young holiday makers, especially in the summer months, including Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca to name a few, but for something a little more unique, is also the nearby Canary Islands which... fun fact... is almost on the compete opposite side of the world to Australia; when we're talking distance, these are likely the furthermost amazing beaches you will find from home.

BELIZE A relaxed spot where the friendly locals will actively stop you and tell you to "slow down mon" if you're not on the same ChillFM frequency. A place where life is simple, the clear turquoise waters fill your spirits and where good Caribbean Rum fills your glasses. Fill your days will diving, surfing, snorkelling, relaxing in a hammock or exploring the history and culture of the area. Your money goes quite a long way here, so living the good life is not just easy, but unavoidable.

COOK ISLANDS A real paradise indeed! Cook Islands makes the cut, but Tahiti does not when we're comparing the BEST beaches in French Polynesia. I feel that in the past, Cook Islands has been highly under-rated, yet this awe inspiring destination is so much easier to reach from Australia and on top of this, is also way more affordable, far less developed and has incredibly friendly people ready to welcome you with warm open arms. Like many islands in the South Pacific, time passes a little slower here, which makes this destination perfect for short romantic getaways, honeymoons and even the most special of destination weddings.

AUSTRALIA You know it... I had to save the best for last! I have been itching to list Australia, and in fact I was close to listing both Queensland AND Western Australia as two of THE BEST beach destinations of all. Blue Haven Beach, Margaret River, are among some of the whitest sand beaches you may come across after Whitehaven Beach in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. If you want the ultimate in laid back living without the hassle of travelling too far from home - you cannot go past the incredible beaches we have on the East & West Coast of Australia.

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